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About McElwee Consulting

I am a skin and hair research scientist with over 25 years of experience in the profession. Through my consulting company, I provide hair loss research and knowledge transfer support to medical companies, as well as to universities and research institutions. In addition, I am Chief Scientific Officer for Replicel Life Sciences Inc. (Canada), a regenerative medicine company developing autologous cell therapies for skin, hair and tendon rejuvenation. I have experience in research on hair loss, especially alopecia areata and pattern baldness, and the role of mesenchymal cells in hair follicle immune regulation and hair growth promotion.

What does McElwee Consulting do ?

I consult for companies on a variety of topics related to hair and alopecia research. The advice and assistance given depends very much on the company and its requirements. Some companies may be in the early stages of developing their understanding of hair biology and hair loss research. I might help with general education around hair growth mechanisms and key factors involved in causing hair loss, for example.

Other companies have a good understanding of what they want to do, but they may not have the expertise in house or facilities needed to conduct their proposed research. They may need advice on suitable contract service laboratories or academic groups to work with in the development of their research. In these situations I can often recommend suitable laboratories and researchers to approach and help with making introductions, as well as help to design the project plan.

Other companies are further along their timeline towards development of a product. They may want advice and information on developing specific protocols in their own lab to study particular aspects of hair loss and targeted treatment development. I might help develop a cell or hair follicle culture protocol to screen and quantify the effects of candidate drugs on hair growth, for example. Models of alopecia areata have become and area of interest to a number of companies in the last few years and I help advise on suitable models and relevant protocols to use in development of anti-inflammatory therapies.

Some companies have already completed their pre-clinical research and may need an independent assessment of their data. Others need help with writing and publishing their work, or writing reviews in their field of interest.

I can assist with many areas of hair research and if I cannot help, I might know someone who can !

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